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    Shanghai Changjin Metal Product Co.,Ltd, as one of the subsidiaries of AHG,the marketing products including: pipe,plate,bar,coil and etc of stainless steel, aluminium alloy,alloy steel and copper.

    Advancer Holding Group Co.,Ltd  (hereinafter to be referred as AHG),headquarter located at Shanghai,China,invested and founded by Hongkong Lin Consortium in the year 1981,is the leading and modern integrated operator of metal materials in China.

    At present AHG has invested and held 16 wholly-owned or joint venture subsidiaries.
We keep close relationship with over 5,00 suppliers and over 20,00 terminal customers and commit ourselves to be the leader of China metal material service enterprise in the circulation field.

Four main business fields of AHG:
1)Imp.& Exp. of minerals,
2)sophisticated process of metal materials,
3)domestic and international trade,
4)derivative services of metal material supply chain(Eg: agent procurement, agent sale ,supply chain finance and etc.)

Business model of AHG:
1)Sourcing materials based on demand and proximity:keep long-term strategically cooperative relationships with steel mills,source materials via all-round channels, provide advisory consulting of materials selection, introduce new products, agent for procurement and sale.
2)CNC, marketing and delivery based on demand and proximity:provide CNC,stock,logistics through over 200 supporting enterprises. Increase additive value after processing.
3)Integration the demand from customers:provide VIP finance service,build a tripartite partnership between Changjin, bank and customers.

    AHG successfully established a modern service system of metal materials processing, warehousing, distributing, retailing & wholesaling at the main collection and distribution center at Shanghai,Guangzhou,Tianjin,Hangzhou,Qingdao,Ningbo, Wuxi, Foshan and etc. Standard workshop covers over 300,000 square meters and own over 100 modern production lines, AHG processing center can provide the service of shearing and processing for the terminal customers,also provide warehousing and delivery for the steel mills,logistics companies and trade companies.AHG direct their endeavors to the intensive cultivation of metal materials supply-chain to lead the development directions of metal material industry through continuing mode innovation and organization change.

    Base on our profound understanding of supply system and our professional team,
We strive to integrate and optimize all resources we have, provide the customer with the whole solution but not only high quality products at reasonable price,one-stop prominent service is our goal.

    Our Mission: Let value go on!